Latest News Resident Evil Infinite Darkness seems to be after Resident Evil 4, official tweet leak, Sentinel Nine Silver Ghost translation

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最新情報 バイオハザード インフィニット ダークネス はバイオハザード4の後らしい 公式ツイートリーク センチネルナイン シルバーゴースト

Latest News Resident Evil Infinite Darkness seems to be after Resident Evil 4. Official Tweets Leak

Official information on Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

The announcement was made at the recent CAPCOM TGS LIVE 2020 ! Crackle crackle~.

Here’s the teaser trailer for Resident Evil Infinite Darkness.

Meaningful statement from the official producer.

After the recent distribution, official producer Kobayashi tweeted a meaningful tweet with words of thanks.


translation:It’s been a day since last night’s announcement.
We’re very happy to hear that the CG drama series “#Biohazard: Infinite Darkness” is going to be a hit with all of our fans.
The background music for the live broadcast was chosen from Bio 4. Because this episode is after the ba***. I’ve been watching Leon and Claire’s good feedback on Twitter. Thank you so much!

We can expect this to be after Resident Evil 4, given the use of background music from Resident Evil 4. Oh no, it’s rushed. (lol) And thank you for the best announcement ever. The production staff of the past games have a half-hearted love for the original work, so my expectations are high! Now you know why Claire is so pretty and cute! (Doesn’t matter how cute it is.)

Latest News Resident Evil Infinite Darkness seems to be after Resident Evil 4, official tweet leaks, timeline discussion

The Timeline of Resident Evil

The following is a timeline of each Resident Evil film. If you want to see the whole process, please click here first.バイオハザードの時系列を上手くまとめていくサイト(外枠) 年表

So if it’s after Resident Evil 4, it could be considered a post-2004 story.

Claire’s hair.

Just look at Claire’s hair! What a ponytail.

Claire’s ponytail means it was before Resident Evil Revelations 2, or after Resident Evil Heavenly Island.

If you believe in the idea of later than Resident Evil 4, you’ll have a lot of time after Revelations 2. So let’s say it’s before Revelations 2, which means 2004-2011. That means “2004-2011”.

The non-Ponite period is between this Resident Evil Revelations 2 and Heavenly Island. The haircut at the end of Barry’s version is not ponite, but cut, the same haircut two years later, and then it goes back to ponite at Heavenly Island. So let’s exclude this period of time in the first place and consider it.

A few things that bother me.

When I think of Resident Evil 4 and that meaningful tweet, there are three possible interpretations: “When I think in numbering,” “When I think in numbering Leon,” and “When I think in Leon. When I think in terms of numbering” can be considered to be between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. When thinking in terms of numbering Leon” could be between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6. A numbered Leon would be between Resident Evil 4 and Degeneration.

In short, you can’t tell if it’s before or after Resident Evil Degeneration.

Leon’s beard

バイオハザード インフィニットダークネス レオンSケネディ 髭
バイオハザード インフィニットダークネス レオンSケネディ 髭

Look at Leon’s face. If you look closely… you don’t have to see it to see the stubble. Leon in Resident Evil 4 was refreshingly handsome, so it makes sense that it was after that. After Resident Evil 4, the game was followed chronologically by Resident Evil Degeneration, but it seems to be a lot more than Degeneration. So does that mean it’s later than Degeneration?

In this interpretation, it means that the “when you think in Leon” interpretation is different. Degeneration has a rather old man’s face, so it’s possible that he didn’t shave his beard… but if we focus on the beard, I wonder if it’s later than Degeneration.

Furthermore, it seems about the same when compared to Damnation.

Leon’s Weapons.レオンの武器

バイオハザード インフィニットダークネス レオンSケネディ ハンドガン
バイオハザード インフィニットダークネス レオンSケネディ ハンドガン

We will consider the handgun that Leon from Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is carrying. It can be seen in two places so far. You can see it in the second half of the teaser video, where Leon is carrying it, and in the teaser visual.

I can only think of them as weapons that exist in Resident Evil, so please bear that in mind. I’d appreciate it if someone who knows more about them could tell me the difference between them.

In Resident Evil, if you think of the weapons Leon uses in Resident Evil, they are the Matilda, the Silver Ghost, and the Sentinel Nine. These three are the guns that exist in the official setting. Depending on the work, different weapons may be used, but these are the three basic ones.

The handgun used at Damnation appears to be a “Springfield Armory TRP Operator” handgun.

For more information about the Sentinel Nine, please see the special page of Tokyo Marui collaboration. A secret story about the development is written. It is an enjoyable content to read.

バイオ4のレオンの初期装備ハンドガンって元ネタと設定は何なんだろう? バイオハザード4考察:What’s the original story and setting for Leon’s initial handgun in Bio 4? Resident Evil 4 Considerations

サムライエッジスタンダードモデルとは 考察解説 SAMURAI EDGE 2/standard model バイオハザードHDリマスター バイオハザード0What is the Samurai Edge Standard Model? Discussion Explanation SAMURAI EDGE 2/standard model Resident Evil HD Remastered Resident Evil 0

To sum it up in
Resident Evil 2: Matilda
Resident Evil 4 – Damnation: Silver Ghosts
Resident Evil 6-: Sentinel Nine

To be exact, Resident Evil 6 uses Matilda. The story on the in-game setting is that the incident occurred before the Sentinel Nine was supposed to be used but was supplied. The real story is that Resident Evil 6’s release date was pushed forward and production was not able to be done in time.

The Matilda used in Resident Evil 2 and 6 is very different in shape first of all. So I’m going to exclude it. The other two are the Silver Ghost and the Sentinel Nine. There are many ways to distinguish them, but the biggest difference is whether the tips are spiky or curly. The Silver Ghost has a screw at the tip so that a suppressor can be attached. In comparison, the Sentinel Nine has a spike at the tip. This is a big difference.

There are other differences between the two, but if I were to point out the most obvious, it would be this tip. So, this weapon is the Silver Ghost. If you add the fact that this is a story after Resident Evil 4, the possibility of a Silver Ghost is high.

If this is a different weapon to begin with, I’m screwed. The design may change slightly, and I’m thinking about it with some allowance.

By the way, I think it is a difference in design, but the Silver Ghost of Resident Evil 4 has a square tip, but the Silver Ghost of Degeneration has a round tip. This may be the reason why the Silver Ghost is after Degeneration.

If it’s after Resident Evil 6, you’d have to have Sentinel Nine, so when it’s not Sentinel Nine, it’s considered to be before Resident Evil 6.

It’s a super detailed part.

Latest News Resident Evil Infinite Darkness seems to be after Resident Evil 4. Official Tweets Leak End

We can expect it to be between 2004-20011. There’s a good chance I’m misleading you, but this is what the information looks like when I put it together.

This information was given to me in the comments of the video. Thank you! I got to write an article and a video, and I’m starting to see some more interesting parts!

‘We’ve chosen the background music for Resident Evil 4. It’s after Resident Evil 6! I would laugh if it was. I wish I had a brighter or clearer picture, but I’m not sure of the details. We’ll just have to wait for further updates!

There’s also a 25th anniversary website, so we’ll have to wait for a new follow-up report there.

※This is just an estimate.

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