[TGS2020 Capcom] CAPCOM Special Program’s Resident Evil Village Thoughts Latest official announcement Resident Evil 8


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[TGS2020 Capcom] CAPCOM Special Program’s Resident Evil Village Thoughts Latest Leaks Resident Evil 8

The Making of “Resident Evil Village” video

『バイオハザード ヴィレッジ』メイキング映像

Here’s a new video that was released on a special stage at Tokyo Game Show 2020!

Lots of Resident Evil elements!

The previous Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 7, focused on the “biohazard” experience, and while the world was connected, it felt like the game focused more on the system aspects of exploration and bullet management. So the western-style mansions and the beauty of the world of Resident Evil are not the same thing. However, Resident Evil Village has a great bio-feel to it.

That door to the left gives it a bio feel! This is the Resident Evil we’ve been looking for! I love this particular worldview. Can you say gothic horror? I can’t get enough of this decoration, which is common to the Resident Evil series, including the Western-style building in Resident Evil 1 and the police station in Resident Evil 2: !!!!!!!

If you say Resident Evil 7 doesn’t have a bio-feel to it, I’m sure you’ll be hooked on this one. That’s the vibe I get. And then I went down the path of buying Resident Evil 7 because I was curious about Ethan.

[TGS2020 Capcom] CAPCOM Special Program’s Resident Evil Village Discussion Latest Leaks Resident Evil 8

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Was the Resident Evil Revelations 3 theory a lie?

Have you ever heard of a story about how they were working on a sequel to Resident Evil Revelations 2 and were making Resident Evil Revelations 3, but then changed directions and reworked it into Resident Evil 8?

I think it was decided pretty early on that it couldn’t possibly be anyone other than Ethan as the main character.

This statement means that it was decided early on that if they were going to make the next game, it would be none other than Ethan, and that Bio 8 would be made with Ethan as the main character, which means that it was decided early on that Ethan would be the main character in Bio 8. It is said that they started working on Resident Evil 8 around the time of the release of Resident Evil 7, so that may be true.

If this is true, then the theory that they reworked Revelations 3 was a lie! Which means a new one could be in development right now!

Incidentally, there’s still some evidence for this, and there’s a statement that they’re currently developing three titles before Resident Evil RE3 is released. Considering that Resident Evil: Resistance was the same as Resident Evil: RE3, there’s one thing left to consider. Considering the thin content of Resident Evil RE3, it’s likely that they intended to sell it in tandem with Resident Evil Resistance from the beginning. And since Resident Evil Village is one more, there is one last thing left to do. We don’t know if this is Resident Evil Revelations 3 or not, but at this point, the Resident Evil RE4 theory is strong.

Resident Evil 4 remake RE4 will be released in 2022?leak(ENG→JP)

This is what one game article writing place is talking about on a limited basis at this time. I think it’s a relatively reliable information. The so-called “famous leaker” is the one who is using the information network to gather the information.

Also, considering the fact that the system was used in Resident Evil 7 -> Resident Evil RE2, there’s a good chance that the game could go from Resident Evil Village to Resident Evil RE4.

If possible, I’d like to see a new Resident Evil: Revelations 3! (my hope)

The conclusion of Ethan Winters’ story

The statement that surprised me the most this time around was the statement that they’re going to draw out everything about Ethan. He appeared in Resident Evil 7 and it’s already his last? The enthusiasm to draw it out along with the surprise that it’s a good idea. This could mean that it ends Ethan’s story. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this represents Ethan’s death, but it does mean that the story will have some kind of ending.

Since Ethan is the main character, the main story is going to be about Ethan and Chris’s purpose is also revealed.


Dark Chris has made a splash with his appearance. Basically, the direction of the story is that there will be no dark fall for Chris. There is a statement, “What is Chris’s purpose? If he is being manipulated, I don’t think he would have said that. If it is, then the question is “Why did Chris have to go through this? It’s more fitting to make a statement like “I’m not sure what to do”.

In other words, Chris can be seen as having some purpose in destroying Ethan’s family. Is it Chris, Mr. and Mrs. Winters, or the village that caused it? I’m looking forward to Resident Evil Village.

Is the BSAA the mastermind behind this? Will the BSAA collapse in Resident Evil 8? Resident Evil Village Considerations Not-A-Hero Considerations(JP ONLY)

Is Dr. Byrd hint in Bio-8? Is this foreshadowing of the Village in RE3? Resident Evil Village Leak Discussions(JP ONLY)

You can consider such considerations as.

An even more interesting statement was made: “What the hell happened to the relationship between Ethan, Mia and Chris after they experienced the tragedy of Resident Evil 7? We hope you can stay tuned for more information here”. Based on the information about how the relationship ended up, it’s likely that they first met each other in Resident Evil 7. Mia Winters and Ethan Winters are a married couple, so there was a relationship, but it wasn’t a relationship with Chris. The theory that Ethan was connected to Chris (which I’ve denied before) seems different. It is believed that they first met in Resident Evil 7.

Village and Drama

Various villagers live in a creature-infested village, and you’ll meet them.

The village is the other main character, Ethan, who meets many different villagers in the village and seems to encounter many different emotions. The fat little villager who was puffing on a cigarette seems to be a merchant. We don’t know if he’s an arms dealer or not, but he seems to be selling something to you. I’m pretty sure he’s an arms dealer from Resident Evil 4 or something.

Is it a werewolf game?

Various villagers live in a creature-infested village, and you’ll meet them.

Sure, I can see that there are creatures and villagers. I also understand that the villagers are afraid of the Creature. But don’t you just wonder? They have retained their original human form for a creature. They’re also coming with things like clothes, and there’s clearly a hint that they were originally human.

I mean, when the first trailer came out, as they said in the distribution, it might be like a werewolf game. Maybe that’s really what it feels like.

You don’t know who is a werewolf, so the villagers run away and fear and believe in religion. Since it’s a biohazard, it won’t be called a gothic monster or ghost. When you think about it, it’s treated like a BOW. There are some umbrella markings and such, which means they’re infected with something.

When it comes to emotions, the image of Alex experimenting with fear flickers through my mind. It would be interesting to make the connection that the werewolf is developing fear.

Why RE8 used a local tale ?

‘I thought this one was going to have a lot of variety, and what’s not good is that after all the different material came out, it didn’t come together and the user was like, what was that? So I thought it would be good if I could express a variety of different elements in a book, no matter what kind of variety appeared in the book.

In other words, it could be interpreted as a work with a lot of scope, based on a picture book. Does this mean you’re recovering foreshadowing from previous works? It is also possible that this is the case. There is no information in this game, just a connection, and instead, the mark of Umbrella is shown. Considering this, we can assume that the game is collecting the foreshadowing of the Umbrella-related biohazard.

The foreshadowing in the past is Natalia from Resident Evil Revelations 2. She is the girl Alex chose to reincarnate. It ends with a meaningful ending that seems to have completely taken over two years after the incident. And 2021 is exactly 8 years later = 8 AGE, which means that this Natalia is going to be in 2021. But at this point in time there is only an aunt and a grandmother. Natalia is currently about 20 years old. Even if we consider her to be old, I think her face is different. I’ve always been curious about Alex’s face and her aunt’s, but she appeared in “Resident Evil: Resistance” and I’m sure she defeated him in the last episode of “Revelations 2”. I thought that Alex was defeated in Revelations 2. The question arises as to whether he would be able to revert to his human form after turning into that form. Even if Natalia comes out, it’s possible that she hasn’t come out yet. Well, she’s aging and there will be a grandmother.

By the way, do you know what Revelation means in Resident Evil Revelations 2? In Resident Evil Revelations, it was said to be true. So many of you may think it’s true. Actually, there’s another meaning. Another meaning hidden in Revelations(JP ONLY).

This is Ethan’s story, but since Chris is in the story again, it’s possible that he’s there to take down Alex Wesker. If that’s the case, though, Ethan just got involved again. Will we end up with a sequel to Resident Evil 7 without the Connection appearing and the mystery of the singular fungus being revealed? Where I want the Ethan-related stuff to end up on Ethan.

Speaking of connections, we worked with HCF to create Evelyn. And now the Umbrella Mark makes an appearance in this movie. There’s a character who is in the dark as a connection here. Ada and Hank. Ada has been active in the game until Resident Evil 6. We don’t know what happened to Hank until after Umbrella’s demise. And speaking of Resident Evil 4, Hank was killed in the game. And it’s possible that these two were actually connected in the background.

And this is where I would like to connect to my past articles.

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It’s only wishful thinking, but I think it would be interesting to see these two guys in the background of the Village. Or at least their names. Even if it’s only the first letter, even if it’s only an H. (It’s an H for HUNK.)

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