Evelyn E-type Sample E-001 Resident Evil 7 Timeline Commentary

Evelyn E-type Sample E-001 Resident Evil 7 Spoilers Timeline Discussion Commentary

This article has been translated from エヴリン E型被検体E-001 バイオハザード7 ネタバレ時系列考察解説.

What is Evelyn E-type specimen E-001 Resident Evil 7

One of the artificial life-forms created by the illegal bio-weapons development company Connection with the technical assistance of HCF. It is a weapon that can invade the brain of an enemy and control it at will.

How Evelyn was created

The program was initiated with the groundbreaking concept of focusing on domination, with the objective of “suppressing enemy forces by non-combat” and “voluntarily turning the suppressed enemy forces into allies.

For this reason, organizations in various countries are paying attention to it.

The catalyst for this development was the discovery of a new species of fungus (peculiar fungus) known as ■■■■ and ■■■■■ at ■■. (■ Unknown)

The way this weapon is manufactured


バイオハザード7/研究報告書 前

It is produced by incorporating the genetic information of a specific bacterium into a fertilized egg within 6 days of fertilization and incubating it for 38 to 40 weeks under specific conditions.

They are divided into two types: the poorly performing ‘A~D type’ and the perfect ‘E type’.

By making them look like “girls around 10 years old”, they can be sent into enemy territory without suspicion.

Thus, as a result of inhumane experiments, they are created in this world as artificial life forms.

What is Evelyn? Resident Evil 7

The first of the E-type specimens, code-named E-001, is Evelyn.

The singular organism Evelyn produces contains the ability to dominate.

In the early stages of infection, an infected person’s regenerative abilities are so great that severed limbs can spontaneously rejoin within minutes. This is why Ethan’s hands and feet spontaneously joined together.

In the middle of the infection, the fungus reaches the brain stem and synchronizes with Evelyn.

The first stage of Evelyn’s domination is the hallucination of seeing the image of Evelyn as a cute little child who is not there. She also begins to hear auditory hallucinations, and at first she is sweet and cuddly, but gradually begins to make excessive demands on her. Later on, she begins to engage in “self-harm” and “violence against others” without hesitation.

At this point in time, Evelyn’s control is not complete, and so Evelyn’s control and her normal state go back and forth with each other. According to Margaret’s diary, it takes about two weeks for her to have complete control over Evelyn.

This domination, according to Jack, is a domination of the mind and does not allow her to disobey orders. The mind is gradually taken over by a kind of suggestion.

In the final stages of the infection, most of the cells are replaced by fungus, transforming them from human to a monster. The form varies from one infected person to the next, but they all acquire amazing physical abilities in equal measure. If a creature goes out of control, it is extremely difficult to subdue and can only be defeated with special weapons.

He grew up without any love in the lab, and was raised as a child as a weapon. As a result, he is extremely attached to his family. Mia Winters is the only one who treats her as a normal child. Evelyn wants Mia Winters to become her mother.

She has missed Mia ever since she was at the Institute, and Mia has become a special part of Evelyn’s life.

Then in 2014, Alan and Mia were transported aboard the civilian LNG tanker Annabelle from the Institute in Europe to the Central American branch.

For Evelyn, it’s a unique opportunity to escape. And her favorite, Mia, is with her. Alan is the only one on watch.

Later, Evelyn finds a hole in Alan’s management and decides to escape. In the process, he deliberately goes out of control and Evelyn secretes an excessive amount of a specific fungus. This causes a biohazard inside the tanker.

As a result, Mia and Alan find it difficult to carry out their mission. Despite their efforts to dispose of Evelyn, they are unable to stop Evelyn from running amok, and the tanker is shipwrecked. Evelyn asks Mia to be her mom and she says she’ll be her mom. Alan angers Evelyn and is murdered. Mia becomes infected.

After failing to dispose of Evelyn, Mia is caught in a storm and drifted away. And Evelyn heads to the same place.

And a few days later, the Baker family takes her in. The Baker family is also all infected by Evelyn. She takes complete control of both Jack and Margaret. Lucas succeeds in controlling them and Zoe fails to control them.

Lucas is able to get out of Evelyn’s control with the help of the Connection. But Evelyn doesn’t realize it. Evelyn is nothing more than a child with power.

One day, twelve years after Evelyn’s birth, she suddenly begins to age. A year later…

Despite being in control for three years, Zoe and Mia can’t control them at all. So Evelyn comes up with the idea of using Mia’s husband, Ethan.

Evelyn sends an email to Ethan, using Mia to send him an email.

At this point, the girl has already aged and is not what she looked like at the time. Evelyn in her girl form, which is confirmed at this point, is all a hallucination.

Ethan comes to the Baker house the next day.

He attempts to take Ethan in and start a family in order to gain complete control over Mia. She manipulates Mia into attacking Ethan, but with Zoe’s help, the serum is produced and she is able to escape.

Nevertheless, Evelyn persistently pursues her and attacks Mia and Ethan near the tanker. She captures Ethan.

She reminds him of what happened in the tanker and tries to turn Mia into her mother, but he refuses.

She then manages to infect Mia again, but because Mia had given Ethan Evelyn’s body tissue, she was able to produce E-Necrotoxin in the lab.

As a last ditch effort, Evelyn attempts to control Ethan through a hallucination of her past, but it is too late, and with Mia’s rescue and Jack’s last will and testament on his mind, Evelyn’s control is nullified and he is dosed with E-Necrotoxin by Ethan, who overcomes Evelyn in the hallucination.

This causes Evelyn’s body to spiral out of control, dissolving into mush and turning into a deformed monster.

She is able to bring Ethan to the brink of death, but a mysterious gun dropped from a mysterious helicopter brings an end to Evelyn’s short life.

Why does everyone hate me?

―Why doesn’t anyone love me?

Maybe she was also a victim of the megalomaniacal evil of connection, trying to gain false affection by controlling people.

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What are the mauled that Evelyn creates?

The mold humans, commonly known as mallards, are the creatures produced by Evelyn, a “super-individual” of countless mycelial threads that coalesce and combine to create a creature with instinctive ferocity and toughness, which is referred to by researchers as the mold human mallard.

They are also known as “transmogrification”, which means that a human being turns into a mallard.

There are various types of mauled creatures, such as blade mauled, fat mauled, and quick mauled, with their right arms turned into giant blades.

Evelyn Type E Sample E-001 Time Series


Connections begins development with HCF’s technical assistance.

A few years later…


Successful development of E-001 Evelyn, an E-type specimen.


Evelyn gets to know Mia.

After this, Evelyn misses Mia.


Umbrella/Chrisleed Field has information on Evelyn, an illegal artificial life form that has been secretly developed and researched by the Umbrella/Chrisleed Field Connection, and the European Institute is about to be investigated.

It is decided to transfer Evelyn from the European laboratory to Central America.

Oct. 5.
A biohazard occurs in the tanker when Evelyn deliberately runs off to escape.

Mia promises to be Evelyn’s mom.

Oct. 10.
Mia is taken into custody by the Baker family. Evelyn is then protected by Jack.

The entire Baker family is infected. Jack and Margaret are placed under complete control of both Jack and Margaret. Lucas succeeds in gaining control and Zoe fails to gain control.

October 23.
Type D subject’s arm is given to Margaret for protection.


January 9.
Lucas is protected by the Connection and comes to his senses. Evelyn is unaware of this. From this point onwards, Lucas keeps an eye on Evelyn.

November 4.
Evelyn goes to see Mia frequently.


August 12.
He complains of drowsiness.

One person turns to Fat Mauled.


The inability to control Mia causes stress and the “family gathering” escalates.

Lucas has trouble cleaning up afterwards.

Evelyn’s condition deteriorates. Her complexion becomes pale, her eyes drop and her skin becomes crumbly.

August 26.
Cellular degradation proceeds rapidly.

Sept. 1.
The stress of not being able to control Mia escalates and the “family gathering” escalates. Lucas has trouble cleaning up afterwards. Evelyn’s condition deteriorates. Her complexion becomes pale, her eyes drop and her skin crumbles, Lucas reports.

September 9.
Cellular degradation settles down.

~To one year later


June 11.
Lucas will be the head of research.

July 18.
Evelyn uses Mia to text Ethan to pick her up at the Baker house.

July 19.
Ethan comes to the Baker house.

Evelyn takes control of Mia and attacks Ethan.

July 20.
Mia recalls her memories and flatly refuses to be Evelyn’s mom.

She tries to take Ethan in, but Ethan is unable to control her, and she gives him E Necrotoxin.

Ethan is defeated by Ethan using Albert, who was dropped by Chris Redfield.

Evelyn Type E Sample E-001 Resident Evil 7 Face Model

Elizabeth Seymour

The face model for Evelyn is a girl named Elizabeth Seymour. She looks exactly like her face. She wasn’t portrayed as cute in Resident Evil 7, so I think this one is even cuter. Even with the same smile, Evelyn’s smile is scary, lol… she need to learn how to laugh first!

It seems to be on the SIM MV and you can find other hits if you look into it.

Evelyn Type E Sample E-001 Resident Evil 7 Face Model

Evelyn E-type specimen E-001 Discussion Resident Evil 7 Spoilers Timeline Discussion Commentary

On the birth of Evelyn.

In order to create this type-E specimen, including Evelyn

It is produced by incorporating the genome of a specific bacterium into a human embryo before stage 4 and culturing it for 38 to 40 weeks in a specific environment.
Biohazard 7/Research Report Previous

It is produced by incorporating the genetic information of a specific bacterium into a human embryo within six days of fertilization and incubating it for 38 to 40 weeks under specific conditions.

The term “human embryo before stage 4” is translated from the Carnegie Developmental Stage.
A human embryo is the source of a human being. In other words, it can be used to create an artificial human being. In common parlance, a cloned human being.

It’s too difficult to understand.

It’s too difficult to understand, so to put it very simply, I hope you can think of it as administering a specific bacteria at the time of the birth of a human.

The reason why I call Evelyn = human is because it is manufactured at 38 to 40 weeks, and a human baby is born at the same time, 40 weeks ± 15 days.

In other words, we are creating a human being. Horrible… horrible… horrible… connections! ((((;p.s. )))) wobbling

I’m sure it’s done in an incubator, but…as you’d expect, right?

This is why it’s called unlawful research.

This interpretation alone is enough to make you sympathetic to Evelyn’s desire to create a family from this outburst, isn’t it?

It’s really a sad existence, Evelyn.

When Evelyn was born and the age of the old woman

Evelyn was successfully developed in the first half of 2000. That is, 2000-2004 is applicable.

Evelyn is supposed to look around 10 years old, but let’s assume that her body tissue age at birth is 12 years old and her birth is in 2004.

First of all, it’s reasonable to assume that drugs forced her to not grow/age in body tissue for 10 years from birth in 2004 until 2014. Otherwise, he would have been around 20 years old at the time of the 10-year tanker.

The tanker incident would have been in the tenth year of Evelyn’s birth. It is unlikely that she was administered medication after this, so we assume she was not administered.

12 years old + (10 years suppression) = 12 years old

And Evelyn’s cellular degradation begins abruptly in 2016. It has been 12 years since Evelyn was born. This is where the physical body matches the actual age of the body.

She is supposed to be aging rapidly, so this unadministered period of two years may have exploded.

12 years + 10 years + 2 years x 25 times faster = 72 years old.

And from there, there is a +1 year period of time where she hasn’t been administered since Resident Evil 7’s main story is in 2017.

Evelyn was originally developed as an age of around 10 years old, so she’s supposed to have looked 12 (from the assumption) from birth.

For some reason, she is believed to have suddenly started aging in 2016, so she was forcibly born in a 12 year old body, and then when 12 years passed, she was suddenly mutated for an unknown reason.

12 years old + 10 years + 3 years x 25 times faster = 97 years old

So let’s do the math!

First of all, if you consider that he was born at about 10 years old and hasn’t been administered since the tanker incident due to a drug dose, then the 3 years between 10 and 13 years after his birth is the period of time he hasn’t been administered. And the aging process advances 25 times, so 3 years x 25 = 75 years old. And if you consider that the original age at birth was 12 years old and the growth/aging was stopped for another 10 years, the age could be “12 years + 10 years + 75 years = 97 years old”.

If it was developed in 2003, rapid aging would begin at age 13, if it was 2002, it would begin aging at age 14, but at this advanced age, it’s hard to call her a “pretty girl” around 10 years old. A middle school girl spoiling her father might be the ideal of the world’s fathers, but I don’t think that’s actually true. Middle schoolers and “I love my dad! And that’s impossible. Was there ever a girl like that?

Also, if it was after 2005, it would be different because it would be outside the period of early 2000.

If you think of it this way, it all makes sense when you consider 12 years old.

I added the middle part of the calculation before the last calculation because it is difficult to explain in words.

It’s possible that she’s just an old woman in body, but in reality she was born 13 years ago, and her mental age is still around 10 years old because she has not grown to the age where she needs affection because of her attachment disorder.

Evelyn’s time of cellular degradation

If you compare the files of Resident Evil 7 with those of NOT A HERO, the signs of cellular degradation and rapid cellular deterioration are reversed.

Let’s discuss this part of the story.

The email Lucas reported is September 1: “I guess the cell degradation has started?” and the E-001 surveillance record is August 26.

Given the authenticity of the dates of the emails Lucas reported and the E-001 surveillance report, the date seems to be accurate for the E-001 surveillance record. Since it is a surveillance record, it must have been written on the same day. And it’s possible that the E-necrotoxin came from the tissue after Lucas reported it.

That means that the cell degradation started on August 26th and Lucas reported it appropriately on September 1st.

Why they want to get rid of Evelyn immediately in an emergency

This is a discussion of the part of the Connection’s desire to get rid of it right away – even when Mia and Alan are transporting it in a tanker, if there’s a problem, get rid of it right away – even during Lucas’ research, if it ages too much and goes out of control, get rid of it.

Why would the Connection tell Evelyn to get rid of it immediately if there is a problem?

意味を考える バイオハザード7 エンディング翻訳読解考察解説 ネタバレ

Thinking about the meaning Resident Evil 7 ending translation reading consideration explanation Spoilers.

If you look at this verbatim statement that appears in this sentence, “the prototype”, “the dangers known at this time”, and “dispose of its subjects before collecting definitive data because it is too dangerous an experiment”, you can vaguely see why the Connection wants to get rid of Evelyn.

First of all, the Model E is a finished model, but it’s only in the prototype stage of its minimal existence in the plan. Also, I don’t think the research on Evelyn is complete at the time of the word “danger” that we know of at this point. I suppose they would like to study it again, but it is too dangerous to collect data on it, so they will have to dispose of it before they can collect it.

In other words, Evelyn is still in the middle of her research and there are still many mysteries to be solved. Also, if that is the case, why did the organization not do anything about Evelyn’s aging while Lucas and the others were studying her, and instead dispose of her when she went out of control?

It’s a mystery to begin with, but it’s already well known to the Connection that Evelyn will age without medication, but since Lucas’s research center considers her to be aging for an unknown reason, it’s also possible that they intentionally made her age. It is possible that they were deliberately trying to complete their research by aging without administering drugs.

In addition, since the terms “the first specimen” and “one of the specimens” are used, there is a possibility that a second specimen already existed. This is based on the fact that there were at least five D-type specimens that existed before the E-type specimen, which was completed in a few years, and the arms (D-002) and the head (D-005) that were used to create the serum in the main story of Resident Evil 7. The fact that only a few years later, there are five A to E types, and five D types have already existed.

There may be more than one type-E specimen.


I don’t know if there were other individuals in this lab other than Evelyn, or if it was a result of research, but there is a photo in this volume of a type E specimen being given necrotoxin to kill it. That means there may have been more than one of them.

Even though they have been carefully nurtured, there is no need to take the risk to study them.

Organizations in various countries such as ■■■■ and ■■■

※A Study of the Japanese Language

The following is a list of organizations that have appeared in the Resident Evil series so far that are three or four letters and possible organizations. (If there are any omissions, I’d appreciate it if you let me know.)

3 letters
HCF (the mysterious pharmaceutical company that Ada allegedly belongs to & formerly belonged to Wesker)
The DSO (a group of agents who report directly to the President. Leon in Bio 6)
FOS (Agent Supervisory Organization. Hanigan in Bio 4 and 6)

4 letters
Long-Asia Pharmaceuticals
BSAA (Anti-Bioterrorism Task Force. Chris Gill’s unit)
USSS (United States Secret Service. Presidential Guard in Bio-6)

There is a “.” between the letters in the English group. between the letters. Example: H.C.F.

By national organization, I do not mean an organization such as the Paris Chapter, but rather the name of a corporate organization as described above.

The three letters may be more likely given the technical cooperation of the HCF; as for the four letters, it may be a new organization; even with the possibility of the BSAA, the unit was created in 2003, and it is not natural that it was connected to the BSAA since then.

So it’s possible that an organization related to the BSAA is involved. I don’t know if it’s a new organization or an existing one, but I’m pretty sure the BSAA is still getting money from questionable organizations.

It’s possible that it will appear or be foreshadowed in the next episode.

Latest Is the BSAA the mastermind behind this? Will the BSAA collapse in Resident Evil 8? Resident Evil Village Considerations Not-A-Hero Considerations

I’m not sure exactly.

A new species of fungus (singular fungus) called ■■■■ and ■■■■■ at ■■

※A Study of the Japanese Language

The impetus for the plan was the discovery of a new species of fungus (singular fungus) called ■■■■ and ■■■■■ at ■

Biohazard 7/Research Report Previous
This is a discussion of the “■■■■ and ■■■■■ at ■■” before the research report.

It’s possible that the footage of the Resident Evil 8 Village is released and that it’s in Europe, so it’s possible that the organization involved in Resident Evil 7’s Evelyn could be in Europe.

It is said to be in Romania, and it could be in “Eastern Europe”.

The problem is the next nine letters. This is indeed not clear.

Because it says “new species” (laughs).

If you know of a bad ohazardous fungus that was discovered in 2000, I’d be grateful if you could tell me about it. However, we’d have to do some research in that direction to find out. And it might be original to the game. I don’t know either.

Even the final body of the game is ■■■■■■■■■.

This is a discussion of the pre-research report “Even the body is ■■■■■■■■■. This is a consideration of the following.

I don’t know what it is.

So I have no choice but to think of a sentence for this.

First of all, we can see that it is nine letters of “■ x 9”.

We’ll assume that the number of these ■’s is correct and proceed from here.

In this way, while attacking and brainwashing the infected, they slowly replace every cell in their bodies, including their brains, with fungus, and eventually their bodies ■■■■■■■■■.Resident Evil 7/Research Report Previous

The foreshadowing comes in the same vein.

In other words, it says that it will dominate the spirit and control the body as well.

So the words to the effect of being ruled by Evelyn are applicable.

‘Evelyn shall rule (9 letters).’

I think this applies to you.

In fact, both Margaret and Jack are controlled by Evelyn.

Also, the sentence “turn them into __” might fit.

The things that go into __ are “mold”, “weapons”, “slaves”, “lower”, and “servants”.

But then there’s a story about the mallard after the research report, so the aforementioned “Evelyn will rule” is more likely in my opinion.

I’m not sure exactly.

The new drug “E-Necrotoxin” is available in just a small amount at ■■■■■■■■■■■.

※A Study of the Japanese Language

he new drug “E-Necrotoxin”, which was made extremely effective by making the serum ■■■■■, is available at ■■■■■■■■■■■ for only a small amount.

After Biohazard 7/Research Report
After the research report, the “serum to ■■■■■” and “small amounts to ■■■■■■■■■■■. This is a consideration of the following.

Firstly, the latter is probably more likely to be “can kill them instantly”. Or perhaps “we can kill them”.

Also, the former is more likely to be “synthesized in the device” or “cultured in the device” because the serum is somehow made into E-necrotoxin.

Evelyn’s research is not entirely clear.

I’m not talking about the real game, but rather the possibility that Evelyn may not be clarified at all in the game.

You can see this in the ending English text and what happened in the main Resident Evil 7 game and if you play the DLC, but Evelyn’s true intentions and connections don’t add up when you compare it to the research data she’s done in the past.

You also need two handlers, etc., but Evelyn is out of control.

And we find out the answer to that after the research report for the main Resident Evil 7 movie.

Why did she choose “family” as a motif for her control?

This is, in my opinion, a good way to integrate a group of people who rule themselves into society.
Maybe she instinctively sensed that a form of “family” was more convenient.

But or – raised in an isolated environment, she’s starved for affection, and
Is it too sentimental to think that this is the case?After Resident Evil 7/Research Report

This report can be found in the lab in the main Resident Evil 7 volume.

In other words, it was written in that laboratory. In the first half of the report, he writes about the development of the game and the evaluation of the game, which means that the report was not written at that time, but at least in the time frame of the Resident Evil 7 book or DLC.

This means that the ending was written in the time frame of Resident Evil 7 when Mia is transporting Evelyn in her tanker.

This means that the results of this study are not to be trusted.

Evelyn E-type Specimen E-001 Common Mistakes Resident Evil 7 Spoiler Time Line Discussion Explanation

Evelyn has the ability to read people’s minds.

Some commentary suggests that Evelyn may have a mind-reading technique, but there’s no such thing.

The part where Evelyn whispers to Mia that she is brainwashed by mind-reading techniques is a windfall, but it’s not for real.

Basically, if you look at what Evelyn says and how she’s brainwashed, it’s completely different.

To put it plainly, they force you to follow them.

This is the point where Lucas, who was in contact with the Connection, says, “What kind of education did you give him? and Jack’s (Jack in Ethan’s consciousness) statement that “She’s going to force her way into your mind, and when that happens… you can’t resist anymore”, it’s not the so-called training style of brainwashing by grabbing the other person’s weaknesses, it’s imposition.

It’s just forcing them to do what they say they’re going to do. And Evelyn’s style of pushing is to go directly into their minds and make them think that way. She brainwashes people by saying, “I think this, Evelyn tells me to think that, and then she tells me that I’m right.

In other words, they indoctrinate the infected person’s mind with all their might.

This means that it may not be as effective on people with strong mental powers.

For example, Mia and Zoey live their lives without complete control. It could also be that Clancy is not trying to be a family at all either, which seems to be Clancy’s mental strength. In fact, he’s more egregious than Ethan, but he has the strength to make multiple attempts to escape without faltering. Well, he eventually gets burned to death after being forced to participate in an unrelated Lucas game. This is the only thing that keeps Ethan alive. It’s the only thing that saved him.

Also, Ethan also has hallucinations of Evelyn’s domination, probably due to the early stages of the infection, but he ignores it all, lol.

Eventually, he makes E Necrotoxin and gives it to Evelyn. In a way, he may not have broken down because he wants to help Mia and because he’s listening to the Baker family’s calls for freedom from Evelyn.

Also, the evidence shows that Lucas pretends to listen to Evelyn after the Connection saves him, but in reality he doesn’t listen to her.

That’s why he has no ability to read people’s minds.

…Sadly, though, it’s because Connection only taught her one-sided control. If I had raised her as a normal child, she might have become a girl with super powers by now. In a way, this is the worst thing that could have happened to the connection.

The translation commentary covers this part of the story.

Mia is programmed to be Evelyn’s mom.

Evelyn: “Hey, are you mad? Mom.

Mia, “No, Evelyn, I’m not mad at you, wait, what did you just say?

Evelyn, “I don’t want to live in a lab anymore, I want a home, so be my mom.

Mia said, “Okay, Evelyn, I’ll be your mom, and now I’ll come back with you? Okay? See?

This is the conversation that took place in the tanker when Evelyn went off the rails. This means that Evelyn doesn’t think of Mia as her mom. And Mia doesn’t have a history of being Evelyn’s mom either. Ultimately, the story of Resident Evil 7 is about trying to make Mia a mom.

There is no fact that Mia was acting as a mom in the first place.

This has become a perverse part of the story, and it’s due to the fact that you’re ignoring this conversation and looking at other parts of the story.

It’s supposed to be “Evelyn needs someone close to her like her mother or father + Mia and Alan are playing parents during transport + Mia is not killed by Evelyn = Mia is programmed to be her mother”, but that’s not true.

It’s just that the researchers think it might be because Evelyn is acting that way on her own, not because she developed such a weapon in the first place.

Please read 英文翻訳 as well, as this part of the story involves the interpretation of the English text x the lines of the story.

In summary, Evelyn is not programmed with Mia as her mom, she is just programmed to be “intimate with Mia”.

That’s why she said it in the tanker.

Evelyn: “Hey, are you mad? Mom.

Mia, “No, Evelyn, I’m not mad at you, wait, what did you just say?

Doesn’t it make sense to think of it this way? The interpretation of this part of the text is a contradiction in other commentaries.

…Then doesn’t it bother you? It’s in the ending of Resident Evil 7 regarding the handling of Evelyn

One of the Handlers should imprint on the Product as a close relative,either as a mother or as a father figure.

Resident Evil 7/Ending
To rephrase it into Japanese, “One of the handlers must be imprinted on the product as a close relative. As either a mother or a father.

What is Mia’s question?

For more information, see 翻訳解説.

Translated by DEEPL

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