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Capcom’s official YouTube channel had a live stream of TGS2020! There was no new information. But there was a program where you could “hear” KANOUEIKOU’s reaction, lol.

I’m not sure. But it was different! If you’re a Resident Evil fan, you’re delusional: !!!!

I’m paranoid… (I’m not thinking about Ashley’s nasty stuff… (bloody nose)

What you can see from KANOUEIKOU’s reaction

KANOUEIKOU said it too accurately, and that’s more than enough information for Resident Evil fans!

I’ll summarize it below!

・Defeating enemies will give you item drops!
・Is there an item drop that I’ve never seen before?
・Village Start
・Can you move the window?
・Can you move the wardrobe?
・Are there people with werewolves?
・A fire?
・Get a shotgun.
・There’s a big one! A giant hammer creature?
・Will there be too many enemies to defeat?

From えんたん塩タンバイオハザードのストーリー考察系実況者@shiotankuitai’s Twitter.

What you can see from KANOUEIKOU’s reaction my thinking

Resident Evil 4 reboot.

It’s confirmed. I’ve been advocating the Resident Evil 1-4 reboot theory, and it’s definitely true.

More actionable.

Speaking of Resident Evil 7, it seems that you can use a lot of objects in this game, even though it was more of a fear in a crippled environment. It seems that you can jump over windows, which you could do in Resident Evil 4. Furthermore, it seems that you can move your wardrobe and use it to prevent enemies from invading your home, just like Leon did in Resident Evil 4 when he escaped to a house.

It also seems to have item drops. It’s Resident Evil 4. It seems that KANOUEIKOU is the first item that you’ve seen in the game. If you’re a Resident Evil fan, you may know this item, but based on the fact that you’ve never seen it before, do you think it’s going to be synthesized? With the revival of the gunpowder system, perhaps a new system has been added. Basically, they have changed a lot from the past games and tend to incorporate new systems, so this is very possible.

Consider the storyline.

Let’s consider the storyline. According to the official announcement, the storyline is “Ethan gets beaten up by Chris” to “Ethan comes to the village”. In the video stream, it’s said that the beginning of the game is the beginning of the movie, so it’s possible that the movie will start with Chris and then it will turn to Ethan and the battle will start immediately. It’s possible that this is the case since it’s reported that you’ll soon be able to move and there are enemies in the area. The basic flow of the game is similar to that of Resident Evil 4.

There’s a villager and a creature.

There seems to be a villager and a creature.

And if you think about it, it’s still like a werewolf game where you don’t know who will be a werewolf, isn’t it? Or maybe they would suddenly transform. If not, they’d build a shelter or something, and they could escape to the castle. I think about it.

Here comes the big one.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “big guy” is a creature with a big hammer. It’s said to appear when you take a shotgun, so be careful.

It may be different between the demo version and the full version, though, just like in Resident Evil RE3 DEMO.

Why no footage of the actual play was shown

※My opinion.

I was quite satisfied with the game, but I heard that many people complained that they couldn’t see the screen even though it was an actual game.
I thought that KANOUEIKOU’s reaction and the situation in which the screen was not seen was a great plan, but certainly the feeling that I wanted to see is strong.

There are two possible theories here. The first is to give us a taste of the excitement of first-time play. I think that’s rather normal. After all, it’s likely that many people will buy the game because of the excitement of the first time they played it. If it’s not fun, they might stop buying it.

There is another possible reason. It’s possible that he was playing the PS4 version of Resident Evil Village… Speaking of the PS5, it hasn’t been released yet… What console was Hidetaka Kano playing on? Maybe you were playing the PS4 version of Resident Evil 8.※My opinion.

バイオハザードヴィレッジ PS4版は開発済み?PS4版 バイオハザードヴィレッジについて バイオハザード8 下位互換 考察

レビュー解説動画のポリシー!! 1.初心者にわかりやすいこと。 2.商品のレビューから来る不安を取り除くこと。そして見てみる。 バイオハザードの実況解説考察もしてます。